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We service all major brands

We service all major brands

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A heat recovery system can drastically reduce your costs of heating water

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Rea Refrigeration

Rea Refrigeration is a refrigeration company that specialises in the installation and servicing of milk cooling equipment, commercial refrigeration equipment, heat recovery systems for the dairy and food industry and supply parts and equipment to dairy and commercial sector.

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The milk monitoring app

Rea Refrigeration, identified the necessity for a remote milk monitoring system to meet the requirements of dairy farmers. We noticed common pitfalls of milking cows including low washing temperatures for the milking parlour, the bulk tank not being turned on and ice formation on the milk etc.

We have designed a device that monitors your milk. Connecting to the farmers phone via the app farmers receive alerts of critical information regarding milk cooling and storage through their app 24 hours a day, 7 day a week.